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Out of Touch - Lucinda Williams Cover

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I started working on this Lucinda Williams cover of "Out of Touch" from the album Essence before the world shut down. It felt true then, and feels even more true now. One way to fight that feeling is making music and art with friends even across great distances. Aston Hollins McClanahan is an artist I met while making @Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fan videos for Bad Seeds Tee Vee. She is in NYC far from where I was locked down in the middle of nowhere. I often thought about how different, or maybe the same, that would feel. I asked her to make the video and give us a glimpse. Aston brought the song to life taking us on a walk through the beautiful desolation of the city.This may be the one track on the EP that is not about time travel, but every time I watch I am instantly transported and it feels a little less lonely. Thank you for taking us along on this journey! A cover of "Out of Touch" music and lyrics by Lucinda Williams. Performance by @Nutfield VIDEO PRODUCTION Filmed by Aston Hollins McClanahan in Greenpoint, Bushwick, and the East Village in December 2021. #lucindawilliams #greenpoint #bushwick #eastvilliam #coversong