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Nutfield - Into the Zone (official video)

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A tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker. I finally saw it just last year and have not stopped thinking about it since. A Stalker is a person who will lead you into the Zone where your deepest desires will come true, but beware what you wish for. This song gave us the title for the Full of Hope ep, as the Stalker in the movie, and in the song, sees the Zone as a sign of something bigger and better for all of us. My friend Joel McLemore makes beautiful videos with archival footage and shots in and around scenic Portland, OR. I was planning to ask him to work with me on this, and when he mentioned the Zone in a post I knew it was a sign. Joel beings the song to life with scenes of blooming atomic clouds and lush green wetlands to leave us filled with full of hope. ORIGINAL MUSIC AND LYRICS by Nutfield VIDEO PRODUCTION Video by Joel McLemore. Public domain footage from Footage shot at Lone Fir Cemetery and Elk Rock Island Portland, Oregon #tarkovsky #andreitarkovsky #stalkermovie #thezone