Tiny Kingdom playlist

Tiny Kingdom influences and inspirations playlist

Releasing a song is thrilling and terrifying. The thrill is being able to share what’s been in your head for so long. The terror is that it will probably just evaporate into the void without ever being noticed.

I’ve sent Tiny Kingdom out to new music blogs, received a lot of rejections along with many great compliments. It is a strange ride. It turns out I am “not risky” enough for some and “too experimental” for others! That’s cool. I get it. Without any context it’s not clear where I fit.

This is an effort to remind myself, and share with you, the context that I fit into.

These are some of the influences and inspirations for Tiny Kingdom. Some were rattling around in the back of my head and some I realized after the fact. Anyway, I think it’s an awesome playlist, but you know, maybe that’s just me.