Everything and Everyone official video

Scene from the video for Everything and Everyone by Nutfield

When I was ten my best friend and I decided to bury a TIME CAPSULE at the end of the street. I don’t remember exactly what we put in there, but I am certain is was all carefully curated to let the PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE know just how smart and interesting we were. I know we wrote a letter to let them know how messed up the world was and that if they somehow survived without a nuclear holocaust, maybe they could build a time machine and come back and tell us how to fix things.

I don’t know what made it cross my mind, but I was thinking about that box and that letter and how it has been forty years. I know we had never imagined that far into the future. Still no time machines. I am not sure iPhone and electric cars would be thrilling enough to make up for the fact that the world is even more fucked up than it was then.

Anyway, I felt somehow obligated to give my ten-year-old self some kind of response. The answer might not be what they were hoping for, but it goes like this: STOP WAITING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO COME ALONG AND SAVE THE WORLD AND START SAVING IT NOW!