Greetings from NUTFIELD

Who am I?

My name is Troy DeRego. I am a Get-X bedroom rocker with a love for French-pop, proto-punk, and funky bass grooves.

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How did it come to this?

I wouldn’t mention this if it didn’t seem important. I was born on a missile base on a frozen plain in the middle of the country in the middle of the Cold War. I only remember it from photos and old movies. It left me with the feeling that I came from a hole in thee ground in a far away place.

I grew up in the suburbs where there were just enough woods to get lost in and have adventures, but as soon as I could drive I took every opportunity to go the city to try to figure out what I had been missing. I found it in rock clubs in Boston and Providence. I asked my friends if they wanted to start a band, but they said they didn’t play any instruments. Well, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I set up my dad’s old drums and the cheap guitar I stole from my brother’s room and I began my long history as a bedroom musician.

I eventually played in bands in college, and even moved to the West Coast with plans to kick-start my music career, overcoming stomach wrenching stage fright at San Francisco open-mic night. I put together a couple of really fun bands and played small stages in the city. Honestly though, dysfunctional relationships and personal responsibilities always stepped in front of the music just before things were coming together.

One thing that remained constant was that behind closed doors I could plug in, turn up, and get lost. Most of my best shows have been in my head. It’s like a secret I carry with me.