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About Us

Adrian DeGroto, bass player and vocals in the band Nutfield
Dara Deringer, drummer and vocal in the band Nutfield
Gerard Tradio, guitar player and vocals in the band Nutfield
Rainer Red, keys, horns, and vocals in the band Nutfield

We went to school together in a small town called Nutfield, a place where nothing ever happens. We all showed up one night at a support group meeting for UFO abductees. It wasn't our scene and we all snuck out early. Rainer told us he had a copy of Repo Man and invited us over to watch. By the end of the movie we decided to form a band.

We begged, borrowed, and stole instruments. We locked ourselves away to figure out how to play them. We wrote some songs, played some shows, got distracted, and went our separate ways. Scattered to the wind, all we had was a few old tapes to remind us of what we had.

Years later, while lurking in a chat room for UFO abductees, we found each other once again. We agreed to stay clear of the chat rooms and decided to reform the band. We decided to call ourselves NUTFIELD after the place that brought us together, that we all finally escaped from, but never really left.