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Troy DeRego, age 9, wearing a plaid sport coat and tie.

"I like bands, but not bandwagons. I always feel like I am missing out even when I am right in the middle of everything. I dream of finding a voice and worry that I won't know what to say when I find it."

The band formed after receiving a Beatles album as a gift from their aunt. Troy knew he wanted to be like them, but couldn’t figure out which one, so he decided to try on each of them one-by-one.

He practiced on his father’s drums, stole his brother’s guitar, and started screaming along with records in his bedroom. With two cassette recorders to layer tracks, they were finally a band.

Troy DeRego on a coffeehouse stage playing a 12-string guitar.

The independent music scene of the 80s provided the education. They studied college radio, combed the racks at the local record store, and went to shows in Boston and Providence. They started the search for a unique sound sticking their nose into everything: folk, rock, punk, funk, hip-hop, country, whatever they got their hands on.

The band Craving on stage at an Irish Pub in Dover, NH.

Occasionally, the band members worked on solo projects or in other bands performing to empty bars, coffeeshops and even a laundromat in San Francisco; playing to packed restaurants and Irish pubs in New Hampshire; and banging on drums in a Mississippi college town.

But in the end it is always Nutfield, playing an endless streak of sellout shows in the bedroom studio they call home, still dreaming of one day taking the show on the road.

Troy DeRego playing guitar on stage.